First blog post ONL171

So I am not a stranger to technology, and I am not a stranger to online meetings, but today we tried to connect a huge number of people across different continents for the introduction webinar to ONL171, and there were some technical issues. I started the meeting (on AdobeConnect) using my iPad, but then despite a strong wifi connection the app froze after a while. Next time I’ll use my laptop!

Despite the glitches, it was great to see so many colleagues from across the world connecting. I certainly look forward to learning, and to working closely with Group 1, the PBL group to which I have been assigned.

Next steps:

(1) Connect with colleagues in PBL Group 1.

(2) Read the recommended texts assigned for Week 1, namely:

Update: I have posted my reflection on Savin-Badin.

The other PBL resources also look interesting. I am wondering how we will use these various texts and what insight they will provide as to online collaboration.

I also should watch the ONL film on YouTube.


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